What Kind of Services A Graphic Design Firm Offers
03 Dec 2020

What Kind of Services A Graphic Design Firm Offers

Whenever we hear of a graphic design firm, we think about visual content that sends messages through designs. But a graphic design agency does a lot more than that. It covers everything that has to do with graphic design. That includes clipping path, image retouching, color correction, logo design, social media design, and so on.

Online content is extremely popular right now. Every online content needs to be unique and impressive. As a result. the demand for graphic design services is quite high.

Top Services a graphic design agency offers

Clipping path

Clipping path is a graphic service that a standard graphic design firm offers. In Clipping Path, designers trace and clip 2D images by using image editing software. They only keep the important bits and discard unnecessary parts from the image. Clipping path is a popular graphic design service. The designers who clip paths on images must be very cautious in their work. Because if they don’t trace the paths carefully, it will ruin the image. So, the designers very carefully trace the paths to separate the subjects flawlessly. It is an art form and it’s a work that needs time and practice to master.

Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint is another graphic design service that every graphic design firm offers. A neck joint service’s purpose is to separate the clothing items from the model or mannequin. Neck joint service creates an illusion so the articles of clothing look like they are standing on their own. This service is also known as the ghost mannequin service. It is a very popular graphic service field in clothing businesses.

Graphic design companies like PixiGraphics offer excellent image manipulation services for your business.

Background Removal Services

A graphic design firm also offers background removal services. Designers remove backgrounds of images to give them independence. When photographers capture images, the photos come with the subjects surrounded by their background. But what will you do when you only need the front ground and not the background? Luckily, graphic designers can remove background by using photo editing tools so you can have a background-less image. So, you can use it anywhere with different backgrounds.

Logo Design

Logo design is another popular graphic design service that you will get from any standard graphic design firm. Every company, every organization needs a symbol that represents them. The unique symbol is the logo that companies use as a brand that connects them to the people. Logo designing is not simple; designers have to understand the message the client wants to convey to the target. And from that observation, designers have to create unique logos that symbolize the cause and are unique in every way.

Designers make logos by using typography, or graphic design, or both. But whatever it is, the goal of creating a logo always should be innovative and related to the purpose. A good graphic design firm like Pixi always holds onto that promise by offering great services.

Image Retouching

Image retouching has become quite a popular graphic design service. With an image retouching service, one can repair almost any flaw in an image. Acne, pimples, discoloration – photo retouching can make them all vanish. It also gives the images the natural glow or any other type of vibe that the client prefers. This service is very popular in photography.

Image retouching service is also called the image beautifier service because it makes photos look lively and classy. You can do a retouching service by an efficient graphic design firm and surprise your friends with your magnificent photos.

T-shirt Design

T-shirt designing is one of the most popular graphic design services. People wear T-shirts all the time, and they like to mix-up some variations to the otherwise plain outfit. Especially, young people love wearing their favorite music band, or movie posters, or quotes on their t-shirt. Almost every graphic design firm offers t-shirt design services to its customers.

You can get various types of designs on your t-shirt – the graphic design companies offer their unique designs. You can also give your custom order to them so they can make you the design of your choice. PixiGraphics is such a graphic design company that offers custom designs for T-shirt designing. Here, you will find typography designs, book quotes, movie quotes, graphic designs, abstract art, or anything you prefer. T-shirts with graphic designs are evergreen, you can wear them almost anywhere. Furthermore, a great design is bound to make you look cooler and trendier.

Motion Graphics

Creating illusions of moving objects by using texts, images, etc. is known as motion graphics. Motion graphics are being used in content to make them appear more informative, lively, and interesting. Smartly created motion graphics brings a good deal of advantages to content. You might want to seek a dedicated team for creating motion graphics to create awesome content.

Create Shadow

To make an image look real, designers create appropriate shadows around the subject. Designers should create shadows very precisely so the shadow looks realistic in terms of light, darkness, angle, depth, etc. There are many types of shadow casting that you can use for various purposes. Consult a reputable graphic design firm that can create perfect shadows and give the image a flawless and natural look.

Other services a graphics design company offers

There are many other services that a graphic design firm offers. Such as banner design, social media design, color correction, vector conversion, shadow creation, etc. We have covered only a little from the vast list. But the list of services is not what makes a graphic design company great, the quality of work does. A great graphic design agency understands its clients’ requirements, fulfills them by delivering great and desirable work. A good design agency always favors the client’s satisfaction and respects their time by delivering work within the given time.


I hope you got a little information about what kind of services a graphic design company offers. If you need any of the services like background removing, or T-shirt designing, or mug designing, you can get them easily by contacting a graphic design consultancy. Just make sure the graphic design firm you are collaborating with offers high quality, and perfect work in time.


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