Create Shadow Services

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is a shadow creating craft in photo editing that makes objects look a little raised and gives a 3d look to it. Drop shadow service is one of the most popular services because it gives the subject of the image a more natural look. In Drop shadow service, the shadow is given under the object and is a little offset from it. A drop shadow can be created with colors like grey, black, etc. as shadows are in color in real life. To create a drop shadow the photo editor first needs to make a shadow for a certain object and then place it in the right place behind or under the object.

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Natural Shadow

As the name suggests, a natural shadow is a type of shadow given to an object so the shadow looks natural in terms of light, darkness, portion, etc. Nothing should be unrealistic about the natural shadow, and for that reason, the editor must take great care in creating the shadow and placing it in the right angle. There is an option in Adobe Photoshop that allows you to change the angle and opacity of the shadow, but keep it in mind that only the experts should create natural shadows for your business products.

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Existing Shadow

Suppose you have an image that already has a natural shadow in it, but you want to edit the shadow to make it look prettier or want it in a different light so naturally, you would want the shadow moved at a different angle. Changing the angle, or the opacity of an existing shadow is not easy. The editor must have the exact idea of how to make the shadow look natural, otherwise, it would look unintelligent, and artificial to the viewer. The Pixigraphics team has efficient members who will make the shadows of your images look good and natural and provide your project before the deadline as well.

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