Reflections Shadow Services

Reflections Shadow

Reflection shadow means to create a mirror effect in an image. This is an important part of an image to look real in the proper situation. When creating Reflection shadows the image editor must be careful of light, darkness, the position of the shadow, etc. Reflection shadow makes images look more realistic and therefore, people will like it more than artificial-looking images. Reflection shadow is also called a glass mirror effect because it makes the objects in the images look like they are positioned on a glass surface and thus the reflection.

clipping-path-before clipping-path-after

Floating Shadow

 photo editing, the floating shadow effect is used on the images that have objects suspended in the air. When an object is suspended in the air for visual effect, natural, there it should cast a shadow down on the surface to look more natural. The floating shadow effect is given to an image to give it a more realistic look. Mostly, the e-Commerce sites use the floating shadow effect for their products, but other businesses also use this service for their products. So, you require a floating shadow service, then PixiGraphics is the best place to go because we give a perfect quality floating shadow service and deliver you the project before the deadline.

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